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Just an Ordinary me....

This Loveable Ukhuwah Islamiyah

Alhamdulillah that I am part of this Community.

House of Dinna

Visit our Gallery and get our Original Products and Designs at Jalan cendrawasih No. 32, Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta 55283. Indonesia


Beautiful In Hijabs

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1433 H

LOVABLE Moms & Kiddos....^_^

I got myself into an intense social interactions .."again"...(after a long leave , since i've got married and became  a happy-newly mom) ..practically since my son joined his first playgroup
Waiting for my son in a pretty fancy parent's transit room 3 times a week becaming a fun routinity. Getting along with other parents who were also waiting for their loving children. .what  a lovely moments
......wish we could meet-up again another time....

Hijabers Community Yogyakarta : The Grand Launching

 *VideoShoot by HOME VIDEO 


Dengan tidak lupa mengucap Puji dan Syukur kepada Allah SWT
 " GRAND LAUNCHING Hijabers Community Yogyakarta, 11 Desember 2011"  berlangsung dengan sukses dan meriah.
Semoga menjadi amal perbuatan baik bagi kita semua dan mendapatkan keridhaanNYA.
Aamiin Yaa Rabbal Alamiin

Terimakasih dan Penghargaan tulus kami kepada :
Jl. Raya Kledokan No. 3
Depok - Seturan , Catur Tunggal
Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Jl. Gejayan No. 55 Paviliun - Jl. Cendrawasih No. 32, Demangan Baru.
Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Serta Terima Kasih dan Penghargaan Khusus kami kepada 



"Shabilla" by Nabila Ayumi

serta seluruh peserta yang turut memeriahkan acara kami

Wassalammu'alaikum Warrahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuhu

A friend in need is A friend indeed

Speechless about all of you ukhtii...
LOVE ALL OF U ..Always ...

with HijabersComm Yog Family ^_^

with Hilda Nahdi

with Mutiara Soraya Sanad

*Taken at Jogja Muslim Fair, Mandala Bhakti Wanita Tama Yogyakarta
March 10, 2012

Cover Girls ...

Love taking their pictures nowadays...
Love to do make-up and hijab do nowadays...
in other word..just love to make them "The Cover Girls" hihihihi
(but u guys are really covered..... girls... )..^_*

Yaa Rasulullaah

12 Rabiul Awal 1433 H

Betapa rindu dan cinta kami kepadamu 
Ya Rasulullaah ......
Ya Muhammad....

Hukum Ber-sholawat Untuk Nabi Muhammad saw:

[33:56] Sesungguhnya Allah dan malaikat-malaikat-Nya bershalawat untuk Nabi (1230). Hai orang-orang yang beriman, bershalawatlah kamu untuk Nabi dan ucapkanlah salam penghormatan kepadanya (1231).


230: "Bershalawat" artinya: kalau dari Allah berarti memberi rahmat: dari malaikat berarti memintakan ampunan dan kalau dari orang-orang mu'min berarti berdo'a supaya diberi rahmat seperti dengan perkataan:"Allahuma shalli ala Muhammad".

1231: Dengan mengucapkan perkataan seperti:"Assalamu'alaika ayyuhan Nabi" artinya: semoga keselamatan tercurah kepadamu hai Nabi.

Lovable Family of Pav 55 ^_^

Always Loooove to meet them.... ^_^

Thank You for ur supports
GANBATTEE Guuuuuuuyss ^_*


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Almost all regions in Indonesia has a unique and extraordinary culture. Personally, I am amazed with this beloved country. Fascinating mystery and exotic culture of Indonesia raises anyone's curiousity to explore. One of the wellknown city is Yogyakarta, the city where I live now. Inexhaustible charm. The one and only city that still maintan the imperial system of governance, the welknown Kesultanan Agung Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. And I am very proud to be part of the city that every corner has always made ​​me fall in love every day. Sekaten is one of the traditional events that always has tremendous interest from the people of Yogyakarta.

Sekaten activity itself is an annual event in order to commemorate the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad Salallaahu'alaihiwassalam. Begins with Miyos Gongso(procession of the bringing of two gamelan Sekaten Kyai Guntur Madu and Kyai Nogo Wilogo of the Sultan's Palace to the Mosque of Sultan's Palace Gede in a spesific traditional parade. And this year of 2012, Sekaten prepared a number of entertainment attractions like puppet shows, religious music performances , art parades namely keroncong, ketoprak, religious art performances and exhibition, Muslim Fashion Shows, etc.

*The Sekaten's Playground Area 

*Typical traditional snacks that you could find in the Sekaten 

Man in the Mirror - James Morrison Cover With Lyrics

A day with a Beautiful "Rainbow"..

Suddenly..that day Paviliunn 55 became full of crowd...and full of colours...^_^
what an exciting day..
Thank You DIAN PELANGI for coming by 

PS. Sorry if the editing is not good..(still learning ..*_*)